The 81200SN Heavy-Duty Netting Machine
Attaches A Tape Border To Nets & Windscreens

The 81200SN netting machine is USA Made and built for life. In one step it applies a tape border to any net or windscreen. It's bobbin-less, heavy duty, and is equipped with a top & bottom rear puller system. This units speed coupled with the bobbin-less setup translates into increased production. In most cases, production can be increased by 300-500%. Equally important, part replacement and downtime are significantly reduced.

In December 2014 we debuted the single needle unit. In October of 2016, the twin needle version made its debut at IFAI Expo and was awarded the '2016 IFAI Show Stopper'. These units are designed to operate multiple daily shifts.
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" We've had 7 units running all day for almost 3 years. They're fast, great machines that produce for us with minimal cost."
Jason @ Pucuda Leading Edge



Heavy-Duty Netting & Rope Machine

 What Can The 81200SN Netting Machine Do For You?

 • USA Made, Bobbinless
 • Avail. In both single & twin needle
 • Top & Bottom clutch driven pullers
 • Complete with servo motor workstation
 • Adjustable speed, silent servo motor
 • Capable running multiple daily shifts

81200SN Single Needle $11,000.00

81200SN Double Needle $12,000.00

Netting Machine manufactures industrial Netting Sewing Machines

Capable of attaching rope to nets, joining nets together, overlocking the edge of netting, and apply tape borders to netting, our units are built to last a lifetime. NC is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial carpet, turf, netting, and nosing sewing equipment.

Our netting machines are designed to withstand multiple daily shift use and require minimal maintenance.

We have prepared our units to sew all netting styles. Clients such as Carron Net, West Coast Netting, LFS Netting, Cover Sports, and Sportsfield Specialties employ our units to increase production and reduce downtime/part replacement costs.

Capable of attaching rope to nets, joining nets together, and serging / finishing the edge of netting. Our heavy duty netting machines are made in the USA and built on NC (NC carpet binding & equipment) heads. NC is the worlds leader in industrial machinery for carpet, turf, nosing, upholstery, netting, etc.

We provide free hands on Netting Machine training at our New Jersey facility.

We will  prepare you for the proper usage, maintenance, threading, etc. The betting machine training typically lasts 1-2 hours. If you wish to spend the night, we will gladly expense your lodging.

We also welcome you to send your netting samples for testing. We will sew your netting and rope and send them back to you at no charge. After you receive the samples, make us aware if want the stitch changed, etc. To save time, feel free to enclose a finished sample that we can emulate for you.