Our netting machines are designed to withstand multiple daily shift use and require minimal maintenance.

Here at Netting Machinery, we guarantee precision equipment, immediate service, and affordable pricing. Our netting machines  are built to last a lifetime and operating costs are very low.

Model 81200TF Heavy-Duty Netting & Rope Machine by N-C Carpet Binding & Equipment Corporation

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Netting Machinery manufactures industrial sewing machines

Capable of attaching rope to nets, joining nets together, and serging / finishing the edge of netting. Our heavy duty netting machines are made in the USA and built on NC (NC carpet binding & equipment) heads. NC is the worlds leader in industrial machinery for carpet, turf, nosing, upholstery, netting, etc.

Our machinery is designed specifically for heavy duty netting and rope.

If you intend to attach rope to netting or simply serge/finish the edge of netting, our machinery will provide you with life-long lasting equipment. Their heavy duty nature allows for minimal downtime and part replacement is all but eliminated. Example: In 2001, Blue Mountain Industries was spending upwards of $3000/year on parts. Their per year part replacement average after employing our 81500NTP is $63. Valued Client West Coast Netting employs our equipment for the same reasons.

Simply send us your netting & rope samples (at least 25 feet of each) We'll sew them up for you and if you want the stitch tigher, further apart, wider....we'll make the adjustments. If you have a finished sample you'd like us to emulated great.
Here are some frequently asked questions. Hopefully you find it helpful:

Our line of equipment is very flexible and able to perform multiple tasks.

For example: Our Model 81200TF seems like a great unit for your company. It will be able to handle most of your netting over edging and if need be attach rope to your netting. I don't believe you'll need the NTP model unless you have extra thick/heavy duty materials which I don't for see from your website. It's difficult for me to be certain without samples, but based on your products I don't believe you'll have to buy more than one machine. NOW...if you have very fine netting that needs to be over edged such as "mosquito" netting, then you may have to invest in a light duty unit. There are a few choices: 860N & another unit we offer which isn't listed on our site. We had to custom make it for a mosquito netting outfit in Africa. That's not a problem and once I obtain your samples, I'll be able to more accurately assess your equipment needs. Please send us your samples of all your netting types & ropes too. Let us know what needs to be over edged and/or attached. We'll run the samples and determine the best course of action for you guys.

Our Light duty unit 860N will handle most fine netting.

81200TF handles almost all gagues. The 81500NTP will take care of medium to extra heavy duty. The specs of netting in mm is on the website Attaches ropes from .080-.625 inch (2-15mm)

The TF & NTP models can do both without a problem or elaborate setup.

The machines will sew the same way without your operators having to change settings back and forth. This makes like easy on them and at the same time won't slow down production.

Shipping is free in the US.

We will discount your machine $175 which is the cost to ship a pallet to California. Needless to say, each additional unit will be discounted $175 as well.

1 year manufacturer defect on casting, motor, table, main shafts. 90 Days on parts/service.

The advantage with our units versus other machines is the limited amount of maintenance involved both with downtime & part replacement. As long as the machines are kept well oiled with a fresh needle, you'll have a lifetime of worry free sewing.

A main concern of ours is that you're comfortable with the machinery.

Therefore, we offer free in-house training on any machine you decide to buy from us. If you wish, we'll also make a demonstration/training video on the equipment. The video will show you do's & don'ts, threading, usage, proper oiling, etc. It will be very informative and accelerate the learning curve for sure. It also comes in handy if you have employee turnover. This way all future employees will have access to formal training.

Are they better than machines like Pegasus and Merrow?

Those manufacturers build great machines but they are designed for clothing and textile applications...not difficult applications such as Netting and Rope. As a result, you encounter downtime and significant part replacement costs. Our machines will sew all day long with little or no part replacement and downtime. More than anything, it's peace of mind knowing your machine will work effortlessly all day.


The netting machinery lineup includes 3 primary machines.

Our two main units (81500NTP & 81200TF) can handle all netting and rope thicknesses. As a result, one machine will handle all your jobs.

Our most widely used unit is the 81500NTP.

It is our most industrial model as it's equipped with a top & bottom driving rear puller and extra high lift. This would be the equivalent to the army issued Humber of of difficult sewing. If the the NTP is the humvee than the 81200TF is the Jeep Cherokee. This unit is equipped with a close couple rear puller, high lift, and is more affordable than the NTP. Both the 815100NTP & 81200TF Are capable of attaching rope to netting, joining nets together, and serving/finishing the edge of netting.

The 860N is our specialty model for light netting.

It's primary function is to finish the edge of netting and join light duty nets together. In some cases it cases it can set up to attach thin rope.

We provide free hands on training at our facility.

You will be taught proper usage, maintenance, threading, etc. The training typically lasts 1-2 hours. If you wish to spend the night, we will gladly expense your lodging.

We also welcome you to send your samples for testing. We will sew your netting and rope and send them back to you at no charge. After you receive the samples, make us aware if want the stitch changed, etc. To save time, feel free to enclose a finished sample that we can emulate

Our netting machines are designed to withstand multiple daily shift use and require minimal maintenance.

We have prepared our units to sew sports, safety, cargo, fishing, laundry bag, and mosquito nets. Clients such as West Coast Netting, Blue Mountain, and Sportsfield Specialties purchased these units to cut back on downtime and part replacement costs. They are built to last a lifetime and operating costs are very low.

 for you.