81200TF Heavy-Duty

The 81200TF Heavy-Duty
Netting Machine

The 81200TF Netting Machine is equipped with a close couple rear puller for optimal pulling power. It’s capable of attaching rope to knotless netting, joining nets together, and serging/overlocking the edge of netting. It can attach up to 8mm rope.

Unlike antiquated netting machines, the TF is made in the USA and designed to sew netting & rope. It’s built to withstand multiple daily shift use and requires minimal maintenance. Ideal for sewing most netting applications: safety, sports, cargo, fishing, construction, mosquito, etc.
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 What Can The 81200TF Netting Machine Do For You?

Built to last a lifetime, the 81200TF Netting Machine comes set up on a complete table workstation. It's made in the USA and is designed to actually sew netting & rope. Whereas, antiquated Netting Machine machines are made to sew clothing.  That's why you encounter so much downtime and part replacement. They're simply not heavy-duty enough.  With the 81200TF Netting Machine, your part replacement and downtime are all but eliminated. Ideal for safety, sport, fishing...ALL netting applications.

Sewing Fishing Nets with NC 81200TF

Heavy-Duty Netting & Rope Machine

• Capable of attaching rope to knotless netting
• Also allows you to simply serge/finish the edge of netting
Joins any two nets together
Equipped with table workstation
• Built on our famous extra heavy duty 81200 class machine
• Attaches ropes up to 8mm rope.
• Std installation: for netting sewn parallel or diagonal to the edge.
• Maximum S.P.I. 2.5 (10mm). stitches: 1200/minute.
• Unique top roller feed for serging all netting
• Variable Speed Feed Roller System
• No slippage
• Designed & manufactured in the USA
• Requires bare minimum maintenance

Custom setup for Promats
& Sportsfield Specialties

Quick demonstration of 81200TF setup up
for preferred client with their sports net and rope.

Rope attached to netting shown in video.

Three thread setup.

       $12,000.00 81200TF Netting Machine

Netting Machine manufactures industrial Netting Sewing Machines

Capable of attaching rope to nets, joining nets together, and serging / finishing the edge of netting. Our heavy duty netting machines are made in the USA and built on NC (NC carpet binding & equipment) heads. NC is the worlds leader in industrial machinery for carpet, turf, nosing, upholstery, netting, etc.

Our netting machines are designed to withstand multiple daily shift use and require minimal maintenance.

We have prepared our units to sew sports, safety, cargo, fishing, laundry bag, and mosquito nets. Clients such as West Coast Netting, Blue Mountain, and Sportsfield Specialties purchased these units to cut back on downtime and part replacement costs. They are built to last a lifetime and operating costs are very low.

The netting machinery lineup includes 3 primary machines.

Our two main units (81500NTP & 81200TF) can handle all netting and rope thicknesses. As a result, one machine will handle all your jobs. Our netting machinery differentiates itself by quite simply minimizing downtime and part replacement. Designed to last a lifetime, NC Netting Machines are manufactured to outperform antiquated netting machines. If you need to streamline your sewing operation and reduce annual maintenance costs, then it’s time to consider an NC.

Our most widely used unit is the 81500NTP Netting Machine.

It is our most industrial model as it's equipped with a top & bottom driving rear puller and extra high lift. This would be the equivalent to the army issued Humber of of difficult sewing. If the the NTP is the humvee than the 81200TF is the Jeep Cherokee. This unit is equipped with a close couple rear puller, high lift, and is more affordable than the NTP. Both the 815100NTP & 81200TF Are capable of attaching rope to netting, joining nets together, and serving/finishing the edge of netting.

The 860N Netting Machine is our specialty model for light netting.

The 860N Netting Machine is designed specifically for fine and light duty netting and rope. Some of our clients encounter fine netting operations & don't wish to spend $8-12,000 on our extra heavy duty netting machines. Our 860N provides a cost effective alternative, while still providing reliable service. It's primary function is to finish the edge of netting and join light duty nets together. In some cases it cases it can set up to attach thin rope.

We provide free hands on Netting Machine training at our New Jersey facility.

We will  prepare you for the proper usage, maintenance, threading, etc. The betting machine training typically lasts 1-2 hours. If you wish to spend the night, we will gladly expense your lodging.

We also welcome you to send your netting samples for testing. We will sew your netting and rope and send them back to you at no charge. After you receive the samples, make us aware if want the stitch changed, etc. To save time, feel free to enclose a finished sample that we can emulate for you.