Frequently Asked Questions About Netting Machines

1. Could you please suggest which machine would be suitable for my type of work?

ANSWER ….. The best way to determine the machine for you would be to send off samples for evaluation and testing.  In some cases, we can with some degree suggest the best unit.  Regardless, you will have to send samples for machine setup and testing.     Typically we require at least 50 feet of your netting, rope, & tape to adequately test.  If you decide to proceed, the machine is now set for your exact work. 

1a.  Where do I send my samples to:

NC Netting Machinery 
858 Summer Ave
Newark, NJ   07104  USA
p 973-481-3500   

2. Could you tell me the smallest rope to the largest rope that these machines can attach?

ANSWER ….. Our Light duty unit 860N will handle most fine netting.  The 81200TF handles rope up to 8mm.  The 81500NTP will take care of medium to extra heavy duty. The 81500NTP attaches ropes ranging from 080-.625 inch (2-15mm) 

3. Can I stitch 2 nets together by using an overlock stitch without a rope?

ANSWER ….. Of course.  The machines will sew the same way without your operators having to change settings back and forth. This makes like easy on them and at the same time won’t slow down production.

4. You say that you have free shipping, would that be air freight or by sea?

ANSWER  ….. Shipping is free in the USA.  Overseas sea freight will also be no charge on Models 81500NTP , 81200TF, & 81200SN.

5. Is this machine capable of just doing ordinary stitching or upholstery work?

ANSWER ….. These are not capable of sewing upholstery applications.  Sewing machines for tarps, covers, auto, aircraft, marine, etc. can be found here:

6. How long is the warranty on these machines?

ANSWER ….. 1 year manufacturer defect on casting, motor, table, main shafts. 90 Days on parts/service. The advantage with our units versus other machines is the limited amount of maintenance involved both with downtime & part replacement. As long as the machines are kept well oiled, clean, and updated daily with a fresh needle, you’ll minimize issues.

7. How can I get the machine serviced in Australia?

ANSWER ….. If you have sewing machine technicians, they are simple units to maintain. We of course stock all parts and ship the same day.

8. Would I be able to service the machine by myself?

ANSWER ….. A main concern of ours is that you’re comfortable with the machinery. Therefore, we offer free in-house training on any machine you decide to buy from us. If you wish, we’ll also make a demonstration/training video on the equipment. The video will show you do’s & don’ts, threading, usage, proper oiling, etc. It will be very informative and accelerate the learning curve for sure. It also comes in handy if you have employee turnover. This way all future employees will have access to formal training.

9. Do you suggest threads for the machines? 

ANSWER  ….. Yes we will recommend thread for each unit.  If you wish, you may send 3 spools of the desired thread you wish to employ.  We’ll let you know if we approve of your thread thread choice.  We’ll then be able to setup your machine without variable.  This way we know that we know the machines will work flawlessly.

10. Does there have to be any change to the wiring of the machine to make it compatible with 220v or 380 volts?

ANSWER ….. Simply make us aware of your required voltage and we’ll do the rest.

11.  How difficult is it to get needles, loopers and such? 
ANSWER …..  All NC Machines are backed up with spare parts, needles, threads, and same day supply shipping.

• Do you all service your own machines? 
….. Yes 24-hour turn around time.

• Does your machine use direct feed or Bobbins? 
….. Direct feed, bobbinless.  You’re able to sew thousands of feet without having to change thread.

• Does it come with a table and motor? 
ANSWER  ….. Yes priced online complete with table, servo motor, & stand workstation.

If you have any other questions, just let us know. 
We await your thread, netting, & rope samples.


NC Netting Machinery 

Designed To Last A Life Time

 NC Netting machinery is designed specifically for heavy duty netting and rope. If you intend to attach rope to netting or simply serge / finish the edge of netting, our machinery will provide you with life-long lasting equipment.

Their heavy duty nature allows for minimal downtime and part replacement is all but eliminated.

Example: In 2001, Blue Mountain Industries was spending upwards of $3000/year on parts. Their per year part replacement average after employing our 81500NTP is $63. Valued Client West Coast Netting employs our equipment for the same reasons.