• USA Made netting machine
  • Sews 30-40 feet per min.
  • Top & bottom rear pullers
  • Single & twin needles
  • Comp. table workstation
  • Binding attachment incl.
  • Bobbinless, & high lift

Single Needle Unit ~ $11,000

Twin Needle Unit~ $12,000

The 81200SN net manufacturing machine attaches the tape of your choice to the border of any net or windscreen. 

Designed in 2015, the 81200SN will increase your net production exponentially.  This bobbinless unit sews 35 feet per minute and is bobbinless. Bobbinless NC technology allows you to sew 1000’s of feet without changing thread.  In addition to speed, this unit requires minimal service maintenance. 

This extra heavy duty, USA Made unit is available in in both single and twin needle setups. The 81200SN netting machine is USA Made and built to last a lifetime. 

The pulling power is immense as it’s equipped with a rear mounted puller that’s driven by independent top and bottom clutch pullers. The 81200SN netting machine in built to sew multiple daily shifts.  

Employed by the likes of Pucuda & Litania, the 81200SN netting machine allows them to sew exponentially faster and with little or no downtime/part replacement.

81200SN Features:

  • Top & Bottom clutch driven pullers
  • USA Made netting sewing machine 
  • Avail. In both single & (Twin needle + $1000)
  • Complete with table workstation
  • Adjustable speed, silent servo motor
  • The Binding Tape Attachment of your choice is included
  • 30-40 Feet Per Minute

How the 81200SN net manufacturing machine increases production:

If you’re currently employing bobbin-type sewing machines, the bobbin-less 81200SN will help streamline your operation in 2 primary ways:

1.  Your current units employ a small bobbin that needs to be changed constantly. The bobbin-less 81200SN replaces that bobbin with a 6000 yard cone of thread.  As a result, you’ll sew thousands of feet without having to change thread.

2.  The 81200SN net manufacturing machine is exponentially more heavy duty.  It’s employed to sew thick carpets and sports turf.  Sewing through netting and rope is a walk in the park.  Therefore, part replacement and downtime are all but eliminated.