• Servo motor workstation
  • Heavy Duty lock stitch
  • Long stitch length (15mm)
  • Rev. lever, Semi long arm
  • Extra High Lift (34 mm)
  • Singer 7 Class: Modern ver.
  • Fully assembled & tested
  • Also sews saddles, books, & plywood

The NC7 is the world’s most industrial lock-stitch sewing machine. It’s built to sew the toughest, thickest weighted materials. This unit has extra high lift and room to insert large, thick goods such as layers of slings. 

If you encounter multi-ply sewing of webbing, straps, harnesses, slings, or rigging material, the NC7 is the machine for your workroom. It’s also employed for book binding, heavy gauge seat belts, safety material products, military grade applications, etc. 

This 7 class sewing machine is equipped with reverse, 15mm stitch length, a 16.5″ semi-long arm work area, 34 mm clearance under the foot, and a USA Made custom table top. 

NC7 Features:

  • Equipped with a complete table, servo motor workstation
  • Large working space of 16 1/2”
  • Long stitch length (15mm max)
  • Reverse/Back tack lever
  • Extra High Lift (32mm), Extra Heavy Duty
  • Sewing speed 700 stitches per minute
  • Suitable for extra heavy duty threads. Ie Tex 400, 700, 1000
  • Alternating presser feet
  • 34mm clearance under foot