Send Us Your Samples For Testing

We welcome you to send your Netting, Rope, & Tape, samples in for testing. We will sew them up and provide advice on the perfect machine for your work. Sewn samples will be sent back for your approval. After receipt, make us aware if want the stitch length changed, etc.

To save time, feel free to enclose a finished sample that we can emulate for you. Typically we require at least 50 feet of your netting, rope, & tape to adequately test. If you decide to proceed, the machine is now set for your exact work.

Ship Samples To:
NC Netting Machines
858 Summer Avenue
Newark, NJ 07104 USA
Phone ~ 973-481-3500
* Please remember to include a note with any instructions and your contact information.

In the Youtube video below, we have prepared and set up the 81500NTP machine using the samples they had sent us. When they arrived at our facility, we had some fun in the equipment room where all of our machines are there for training. Once you are settled in, you will be shown the proper usage, maintenance, threading, and everything else you will need to know about your new Netting machine. 

Visit NC on Youtube for more great videos.