• Mosquito / Bed netting
  • Drawstring laundry bags
  • Sews overlocks fine netting
  • Serging the netting edges
  • Auto Self-Oiler, Rear Puller
  • Made Specifically for Netting Industry
  • High Speed Top & Bottom Roller Feed

Affordable, Production Sewer ~ $5500

The 860N Netting Machine is specifically designed to sew lightweight nets. It’s ideal for overlocking mosquito nets, sewing drawstring bags, and sewing safety nets. The perfect Industrial Netting Sewing Machine For Lightweight Nets that is ideal for sewing fine nets.

The primary advantage of the 860 versus heavier duty units, is that it will not bunch netting and will not force netting into the sewing plate. Built to last a lifetime, this high speed netting sewing machine is equipped with a speed adjustable motor and sewing table workstation. The 860N Netting Machines custom setup includes positive top and bottom feeding which generates optimal pulling power. 

Sews overlocks fine netting and Serging up to the netting edges. We also welcome you to send your samples for testing. We will sew your netting and rope and send them back to you at no charge. After you receive the samples, make us aware if want the stitch changed, etc. To save time, feel free to enclose a finished sample that we can emulate for you.

860N Features:

  • Sews fine nets, overlocks fine netting
  • Serging to the edge of netting
  • High speed sewing
  • Automatic Self-Oiler
  • Made Specifically for Netting Industry
  • High Speed Top & Bottom Feed
  • Variable Speed Feed System
  • Designed and Made In USA
  • No Slippage
  • Minimum Maintenance