Sew 1000’s Feet Without Stopping

Bobbinless machines are designed to streamline sewing workrooms that employ bobbin type machines, you no longer have to stop and change thread every few hundred feet.  The 81500NTP is a bobbinless netting machine that will sew 1000’s of feet before having to change thread.   In addition, is a heavy duty machine increasing you production and reducing downtime and part replacement. The 81200SN sews sports nets, sews cargo nets, sews safety nets, sews fishing nets, and sews construction netting. 

These USA Made machines will streamline any sewing workroom. They allow you to sew 1000’s of feet without having to change thread. Pucada Leading Edge is the industry’s largest producer of tape border nets and windscreens. They employ our 81200SN single and twin needle machine to reduce downtime & part replacement.

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How to sew windscreens with optimal efficiency? Let NC Netting Machines do all the heavy lifting. NC Netting Machines have been employed to sew windscreens and various net applications for decades. The NC bobbinless sewing machine model 81200SN is available in both single needle and twin needle.

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